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2017 Employee of the Month
K9 Jagger is being recognized as employee of the month for alerting on a senior citizen's bed that we humans could not find anything. He was very insistent that he found bed bugs.  So, we took the bed apart and still could not find any bed bugs. We made arrangements to recheck the residential unit in another week. One week later, we found a few bed bugs. Jagger was right.
 'Trust Your Dog' - David Latimer
Jan 2017
K9 Bugsy is being recognized as employee of the month for alerting on bed bugs that were 10' up in a tall window's curtains. Bugsy worked the commercial business room and swept back and forth in the back area near the curtains, he was clearly looking for the source of the scent but could not locate the strongest source. Bugsy stood up on his hind legs and air scented. At that time his handler turned to the pest control company and stated that Bugsy says there are bed bugs here. With in a few minutes bed begs were found high up on the curtain. Bugsy got his own Hamburger Happy Meal that day.
Disciplinary Action Feb 2017 Employee Write Up
    K9 Jagger was verbally reprimanded and written up in Feb for opening a hotel door and sneaking out for an attempted night on the town. Worse was that he cajoled his younger, more impressionable brother Bugsy, to join him. The Elite K9 team was working a large luxury apartment complex in North Carolina and had to stay overnight in a hotel since it was a two day job. The handler had left Bugsy and Jagger in the hotel room while she took another dog for a walk to blow off some energy. When she returned, the hotel door was wide open and both fur-employees were gone. Naturally she panicked. Fortunately she was able to locate them quickly at the convenience store up the street trying to boost beer as neither of them had ID to purchase legally. After changing her pants, the K9 handler called the HR dept where Jagger and Bugsy were promptly interrogated as to their actions. During Bugsy's interview with the HR dept he confessed that Jagger did indeed open the horizontal door handle with his nose and that it sounded like fun at first, but he quickly regretted it when he realized how dark outside it was and that he did not know the area. Jagger refused to accept responsibility on the matter and has vowed that 'no door handle can hold him back from an adventure'. HR dept felt that there was no other recourse than to issue a verbal warning and write Jagger up, which will remain in his employment records until his retirement. The k9 handler was not disciplined and she was quoted as saying 'that she will never fall for Jagger's little trick again'.
Feb 2017
March 2017
​Elite K9 would like to introduce its newest employee. HUNTER. Hunter is a field bred English Springer Spaniel. She was acquired at 2 month old and is now 4 month old. Hunter comes from a long heritage of champion and title hunting dogs. Hunter is leaning her basic obedience and has started her scent training, Elite K9 anticipates her being ready to test for her Certification in Nov 2017
April 2017
Little HUNTER is employee of the month. Although she is not so little anymore. Hunter is 5 months old and has fully embraced her bed bug detection training. Hunter is more than on target scent, little Hunter is searching beds and dressers. She is currently learning search patterns. Elite K9 is very excited by the talent this little dynamo is showing. 
Employee of the Month June 2017
Jagger is June’s Employee of the Month for kicking ass on the job. In the same day, at 2 separate non-related residences, doing Post Bed Bug Treatment Inspection Jagger found ONE bed bug in the carpet at the baseboard at each residence. We are very proud of this old guy and will miss his talented nose when he retires at the end of 2017. 

June 2017
K9 Bugsy and K9 Jagger are both being recognized as employee(s) of the month for all their hard work over the last, very busy, three months. Both K9's have worked with commitment and diligence. Some notable highlights include K9 Bugsy alerting on live bed bugs his handler could not find on visual inspection in a dorm room. K9 Bugsy alerting on ONE live bed bug hiding in screw hole underneath a wood bed frame on a Post-treatment inspection. K9 Jagger alerting on live bed bugs in a couch, that the handler could not find due to that couch was the same brown color of bed bugs that were expertly camouflaged. The K9s are finishing up a very large job and have 2 more weeks before they see a day off. After the large job is done, they will receive a much needed break, several days off lounging around the house, afternoon snacks, hikes, long tummy rubs, digging holes, rough housing and squabbling with each other.
July and August 2017
With devastating sadness Elite K9 has to share that K9 Jagger was humanly euthanized Nov 6th 2017. He went into severe respiratory distress and a chest xray showed metastasized lung cancer. We are devastated, We are heartbroken, we are empty and lost..........we are grateful to him for all he has done for me, a debt I can never repay. Rest easy K9, job well done.
Nov 2017
Bugsy continues to be an outstanding employee with numerous finds of 3 or less bed bugs. Most notably this month, He has found two bed bugs between a baseboard and carpet in a vacant apartment. 
Sept and Oct 2017