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Hunter is being recognized as employee of the month for finding one bed bug and some eggs in a screw hole of an old wooden bed. They were harboring in an area of the bed that humans could not get to with dismantling the bed. K9 Hunter is doing well in first months of employment as a working K9. She trembles with excitement when she is lining up to begin a search.
Feb 2018
Bugsy is being recognized as employee of the month for finding One live bed bug among dead bed bugs and bed bug shells in a living facility that was cleared by pest control humans 10 minutes prior to K9 Bugsy's search. His talent continues to amaze us.
March 2018
K9 Terry...I mean handler, inspector, administrator, sales, accounting, HR admin, K9 trainer, and chauffeur, a measly human being, with a useless nose, 'Terry', is being recognized as employee of the month for putting in the long hours doing all of the above.
June 2018
Bugsy is being recognized as employee of the month for carrying the majority of the work load. With the devastating loss of K9 Jagger and K9 Hunter learning the ropes, Bugsy has stepped up the plate is leading the team into 2018 with his little thug mentality, strong work ethic and amazing little nose that already has done amazing finds of one or two bed bugs.
Jan 2018
K9 Hunter is being recognized as employee of the month(s) for putting in the long hours needed to become a seasoned professional bed bug dog. She is regularly completing bed bug inspections for 25+ senior living units and apartments weekly. K9 Hunter is maturing and embracing a working life, from getting up early and long drives to the job site, to waiting "some what" patiently in her crate for her turn to work, to getting over her initial youth excitement and settling into the serious business of finding bed bugs. The routine life as an employed bed bug dog suits her 'high drive need to use her nose' breeding. And when Hunter gets home from a long day of work, she plays hard and then sleeps hard. 
April and May 2018
K9 Bugsy is being recognized as employee of the month for carrying the workload during these broiling hot summer days. It is not safe to bring the whole team for each job and thus the majority of the workload lands on K9 Bugsy's 20lbs shoulders.
K9 Bugsy is a savvy worker and knows to rest up in his padded crate as he is driven to the next job. We make sure he has cold water in his water bowl and the AC vents are blowing on him so he can cool down between jobs.
K9 inspections during the hot summer season is hard work and Bugsy excels under the pressure. In early part of July K9 Bugsy found bed bugs in the carpet next to the baseboard on a Post-Treatment inspection in two separate non-related apartments.
July and August 2018
K9 Hunter is being recognized as employee of the month for completeing a k9 bed bug search through out a large lobby and seating area with a blaring fire alarm and emergency flashing light. The fire alarm was a false alarm so there was no danger but neither was the alarm shut down quickly, so Hunter's handler took this an excellent opportunity to expand on Hunter's feild experience and continue with the search. Hunter did amazing, she worked with concentration like there was not red and white strobe lights flashing and a fire bell loudly blaring.
Oct 2018
K9 Bugsy is being recognized as employee of the month for finding ONE bed bug on the last piece of furniture searched in the last room of the post-treatment inspection. The pest control company and the handler thought they had just cleared the house, all the bed bugs were gone But on the last sectional piece of a couch to be checked, Bugsy alerted to the side arm of the sectional. Handler and pest control looked at each other in surprise, then checked where K9 Bugsy was alerting, sure enough, there was a bed bug in the zipper folds. Good Job K9 Bugsy!
 Sept 2018
K9 Bugsy is being recognized as employee of the month for finding bed bugs the handler could not find. While doing a routine k9 bed bug inspection on 20 units in a senior living community, the handler did her visual inspection and could not find any bed bugs. Next was Bugsy’s turn and he alerted at the head of the bed. The handler pulled the bed away from the wall and to her surprise, there was two bed bugs between the wall and mattress. Besides for these two bed bugs, there was no visual evidence of their presence. K9 Bugsy once again showed his 20 lb super powers.
Nov 2018
K9 Hunter is being recognized as employee of the month for doing her job! She was in an senior living apartment that had been treated for known bed bug activity. Once the mattress was lifted and inspected K9 Hunter swept the wood bed frame and wood slats, she alerted at the foot of the bed. Upon her alert the wood slats were unscrewed and lifted....bed bugs suddenly exposed to light went scrambling. Thanks to K9 Hunter we did not have to disassemble the bed to find the survivors from the treatment, Good Girl K9 Hunter!!!
Dec 2018
K9 Bugsy is being recognized as Employee of the YEAR!!!
K9 Bugsy has a track record of finding the bed bugs us humans cannot find but he saved the best find of 2018 for the last month to help him cinch the 2018 Employee of the Year award. K9 Bugsy was working a large commercial building with hundreds of cubicles where they had been treating for bed bugs but kept finding them after treatment. Their pest control company told them it was time to bring the K9. We started with the area with the most frequent sighting and K9 Bugsy found a harborage of live and active bed bugs between a cubicle wall and the office wall. Human would have had to dismantle 20 plus cubicles to do a visual inspection. With K9 Bugsy’s help we were able to narrow the area to be disassemble and treated down to two cubicles. This 20lb "full of attitude and snuggles' terrier mix is just a wonder dog of hard working K9 aptitude. 

2018 Emloyee of the Year