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K9 Hunter and K9 Bugsy both deserve Employee of the Month for the first two months of 2019. This year started with a bang and the k9 teams worked every Saturday in Jan. doing large volume office spaces. The K9 team inspected no less than 600 cubicles and offices over the course of Jan and Feb...and the K9s found bed bugs. 
Jan and Feb 2019
K9 Hunter is being recognized as employee of the month for once again doing her job! She was in an senior living apartment that had been treated for known bed bug activity. Once the mattress was lifted up, K9 Hunter swept the wood bed frame and wood slats, she alerted at the foot of the bed. Upon her alert those wood slats were unscrewed and lifted....bed bugs suddenly exposed to light went scrambling. Thanks to K9 Hunter we did not have to disassemble each peice of the bed to find the survivors from the treatment, Good Girl K9 Hunter!!!
March 2019
K9 Hunter and K9 Bugsy continue to work as an efficient team completing 157 apartments in two days. These were slow and detailed k9 inspections in each unit so the facility could know exactly which apartment had bed bugs. K9 Hunter and K9 Bugsy  are being recognized as employee(s) of the month, once again, for their stamina and team work. Team work makes the dream work.
April and May 2019