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K9 and Handler Teams are available for contract work with Pest Control Companies
Buying and maintaining a certified Bed Bug Detection K9 can be expensive. The average cost to aquire a certified Bed Bug Detection K9 is between $6,000 to $10,000. Then add the cost of K9 care, vet care, k9 housing, k9 transport. The K9's training does not end with certification, maintenance training continues between jobs for the life of the K9. Then there is K9 handler's training, the K9 is only half the team. A uneducated handler can make a talented and well trained K9, ineffective.

Hire a certified Bed Bug Detection K9 dog and handler and save your company money.

K9 Teams are available on 'as-needed' basis, no service contract required. Hire a K9 team for a one time job or hire on a regular basis with out the hassle of maintaining a certified Bed Bug Detection K9.

Free demonstrations are available.
Trainer resume is available.
Teams available on regular schedule or as needed.
Contact us to discuss your needs and for pricing.
K9's are certified with the World Detection Dog Organization    
When Elite K9 cannot complete a search;

​* Any type or form of chemical or pesticide has been sprayed or applied 2 weeks prior to search appointment ***fresh chemicals can damage the K9's nose, scenting ability and potentially be fatal to the K9s.

**The presence of any form of powder. Example; Diatomaceous Earth, Delta Dust, Dust for cockroaches etc. Such powders damage a K9's nose, scenting ability and potentially be fatal to the K9s.

***Elite K9 reserves the right to deem a situation unsafe for the K9 and decline to do a search for any reason deemed by the handler.****

Duns#: 108364629
Please be AWARE: K9s cannot be deployed in areas where Diatomaceous Earth, delta dust, boric acid or any other form of powder has been applied. The powder is very hazardous to the k9s nose, scenting ability and general health. Exposure could be fatal to the K9s.  
No exceptions will be made.