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About Elite K9 Bed Bug Hunters

Elite K9 Bed Bug Hunters trains only with positive reinforcement techniques. Each dog has been trained for more than six months to find live Bed Bugs, while ignoring dead bed bugs and other distractions. Each K9 also completes a basic obedience training program and will continue to higher levels of obedience as they age and mature. Elite K9 Bed Bug Hunters rewards its K9 employees with food rewards. The K9s are fed twice a day and sometimes get an afternoon snack. The K9s work for the thrill of the hunt, the enjoyment of using their nose and the tasty and irresistible food reward given for finding live bed bugs. 

D.B.A Elite K9 Bed Bugs Hunters is a subsidiary of ELITE K9, LLC

K9 and Handler Teams
 Certified with the
Meet the Team.........
K9 JAGGER.  Black German Shepherd. He was sprung from the Chatsworth Pound in California at the age of three, where he was a four time repeat offender. After three weeks of intense obedience training, Jagger became a happy, loving, sweet, gentle and spoiled house pet. Being a German Shepherd, he has strong working desires so when the concept of Elite K9 Bed Bug Hunters was designed, of course he was included, ''Jagger would have it no other way'' say his trainer. Jagger enjoys food, more food and any type of food, he enjoys chewing on pig hooves, bossing his co-employee Bugsy round, long naps, car rides and hiking.  He hates thunderstorms and lawnmowers. Jagger has thoroughly embraced his Bed Bug detection training and is known to whine with impatience while waiting his turn to search. Jagger has a happy bounce in his walk when he knows he is going to a job, he is a true working German Shepherd. Nov 2017 Update: Unfortunately Jagger passed away on Nov 6th 2017. 
Jagger was humanly euthanized after he was fell gravely ill and was diagnosed with lung cancer. The loss to Elite K9 is immense and we deeply mourn this devastating loss of this sweet and talented boy. 
K9 BUGSYFour year old Jack Russell Terrier Mix. He was rescued from the Richmond SPCA in April of 2015 and earned his Bed Bug Detection Dog Certification in Sept 2015. Bugsy has also mastered his basic obedience (trained with German commands) and is moving onto higher levels of obedience. He is little powder keg of energy, He works hard and plays even harder, just ask the two K9s below. Bugsy LOVES having a job and you can hear his little sniffers working hard to find live bed bugs.  2018 Update; Bugsy is now 5 years old and has far exceeded anyone's expectations. He makes amazing bed bugs finds on a regular basis. There is so much talent in this little 20 lb K9.
2020 Update; Bugsy is now 8 years old. He is now 22lbs and like all middle aged men he is battling his weight, trying to get back to his slim youth. Bugsy has racked up an impressive resume of numerous finds of a single bed bug over his career. we look forward to several more years of his strong-willed,opinionated, hard working little man.. 
K9 Duchess Der Yagermeisterin.  Means 'Duchess the Master Huntress'. Duchess is bred to be a high drive, high energy k9 with an exceptional nose. Her goal is to take her certification test in fall of 2016. Duchess has already started her basic obedience and target scent training and it is doing very well. Duchess already will choose the correct box with bed bugs inside and sit at the box. Her trainer is excited by how quickly she has picked this up and foresees a very bright future for Duchess. UPDATE: Duchess is doing field work weekly and gaining real world experience. She is a master at obedience training and already has moved up to advanced obedience skills.  Nov 2016 Update; K9 Duchess is now a 1 year old now and successfully passed their WDDO .  Last week was her first job.
Head Trainer and Handler; 
Terry Rials
K9 Hunter.  Feb 2017, Elite K9 would like to introduce its newest employee. HUNTER. Hunter is a field bred English Springer Spaniel. She was acquired at 2 months old and is now 4 months old. Hunter comes from a long heritage of champion and titled hunting dogs. Hunter is learning her basic obedience and has started her scent training, Elite K9 anticipates her being ready to test for her Certification in Nov 2017
July 2017 Update;  Hunter is now 8 months old and full of energy. She is learning quickly and is searching rooms like a pro. Since she is young her training sessions are still short, sweet and successful. We look forward to her test in Nov 2017. She shows tremendous potential besides for being incredibly cute. 
NOV 2017 Update: Hunter passed her Bed Bug Certification test and started her life of employment the same week. A week later Hunter made her first independent find of Bed Bugs, the handler could not find any bed bug, but Hunter had no problem pointing out exactly where they were hiding.
​NOV 2019 Update: K9 Hunter has turned into a wonderful working dog. She has the nose to find small, unseen, pockets of bed bugs and the endurance to complete large/long searches.  At three years old she is settling into a working professional with several impressive finds added to her resume.