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2020 Employee of the Month
Jan and Feb
Both K9 Bugsy and K9 Hunter have been nominated Employee of the Month due to all their hard TEAM Work. The K9s started out 2020 as busy as they had left 2019. In Feb the K9's inspected 180 apartments over a 3 day period. There were multiple alerts on units were in Post-treatment status thus providing valuable information for the management and pest control company that a 3rd treatment was needed (which is common).
March and April
Covid 19 has greatly affected the K9 team. Pest Control is an essential job and K9s continue to work but the work load has slowed greatly with quarantine. The k9s did complete one more large job before quarantine, 64 units in a senior living facility that had a recent out break. Since then, the K9s have been enjoying the unexpected own time. This includes pool time, sun bathing and sleeping in. 

The k9s and their handler look forward to getting back to work asap and wish everyone well.
K9 Hunter has been nominated as Employee of the Month due to her exceptional nose work in finding 1 live bed bug among the dead bed bugs in a recliner chair. The k9 handler did a complete and thorough visual post-treatment inspection and did not SEE any live bed bugs. Commonly the k9s are deployed after the visual inspection. After searching the bed with no alerts, K9 Hunter came to a screeching halt at the recliner chair was adamant a live bed bug was inside. It took the handler ten minutes to find the bug that the k9 alerted too.
K9 Bugsy has been nominated as Employee of the Month due to His exceptional nose work in finding 1 live instar in the inseam of a twin bed frame wrapped in fabric.  Due to all the material sewn to the wood slats of the bed frame the k9 handler didn't even attempt a visual inspection, this was 'all the K9's job'. K9 Bugsy slowly worked down the bed length, then back up and down one more time to make his decision and alert on the end corner of the bed frame. After careful examination a single instar that looked like a piece of sand, was found.