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Prepare for your Visit from Elite K9 Bed Bug Hunters
Please prepare the room(s) to be searched one hour prior to your appointment for optimum results. In the room(s) to be searched;

Shut off all fans and close all air vents and windows.

Remove any human or animal food. Remove all dog or cat food bowls from the area to be searched.

Pets; please have them safely secured in another room or remove them from the residence entirely. Barking dogs or meowing cats can be a distraction to the searching K9s and can affect search results.

Remove any sharp objects that may poke K9 during the search. Remove any objects than can pose a danger to searching K9. Remove any items that can be knocked over and be broken by a investigating k9.

If possible, move any furniture away from the wall or other blocking items, so that K9 can search all sides of furniture.

Pull your bed away from the wall, if possible, so K9 can search all sides of the bed.

Remove any piles of laundry off the floor. (Elite K9 recommends this laundry be placed in plastic bags, taken to the laundry and washed in hot water at highest temperature allowed for that fabric and dried at highest temperature allowed for that fabric.

Do not clean for your inspection. Do not vacuum. K9s are only there to hunt for Bed Bugs and do not judge customer on their house keeping skills and busy life. Cleaning just prior to your appointment can disrupt Bed Bug's scent cone smells and can affect results of the search.

What to expect during your appointment.

The K9 handler will come to door with the K9. You will show the handler the room(s) you want inspected and discuss any concerns you have with the handler. Handler will discuss any concerns they have with the customer.

Ask questions.

Very Important***Advise handler of any cleaning products or chemicals used in the room two weeks prior to search appointment.

The handler will then take the K9 and search the room(s). 

Do not attempt to pet the K9, the dogs knows they are there to work and it's not social time.

Do not ask the handler any questions during the search. The handler will be engaged with the K9 and needs to watch the K9 closely. Save any questions for after the inspection.

Any place the K9 alerts to, will be marked for further investigation. After K9 has swept thru the room(s), the handler will attempt to visually confirm the K9’s alert. The handler will be looking for eggs, shells, bed bug feces and live bed bugs. K9’s alert and finding will be discussed with customer after the search.

Elite K9 Bed Bug Hunters LLC does not perform any treatments. Elite K9 recommends any and all customers complete diligent and thorough research on Bed Bug treatments and remedies before choosing their best plan of counter attack on the Bed Bugs.

When Elite K9 cannot complete a search;

During strong thunderstorms.

Any type or form of chemical or pesticide has  been sprayed or applied 1week prior to search  appointment ***fresh chemicals can damage  the K9 nose and scenting ability.

*The presence of any form of powder. Example; Diatomaceous Earth, Delta Dust, Dust for cockroaches etc. Such powders damage a K9's nose and scenting ability

 Our K9s are not only working dogs with a job,  they are members of our family and are treated with love and respect. Please care for the health and well being of our dogs as well by being truthful about any potential dangers in your residence that may harm the dog including bed bug treatments and chemicals you have used in the past.
*****Elite K9 reserves the right to deem a situation unsafe for the K9 and decline to do a search for any reason deemed by the handler.****